Alpenrose Wednesday Night Cross Series Starting September 10th at 5pm
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Week 1 Updates/Clarifications

1) Stampede Dash for Cash: Have you ever wanted to make money racing your bike? Well, here's your opportunity! Just watch our two minute instructional documentary on how to convert yourself from an ordinary career person into a Pro Blind Dater. Next, register for Blind Date's one lap, handicapped, all division, all ages, all two-wheeled bikes (sorry uni's), 'Stampede Dash for Cash,' which we will run after Kiddie Cross and Juniors, at 5:50 pm each week. The Stampede Dash for Cash is a 'winner take all' event with a payout of at least $2.50 per participant to the winner. We'll handicap the race in the following order: beginner women, age 70+, beginner men, age 60+, B women, BMX and fixies, C men, B men, A women, master A men, and finally, A men. We'll endeavor to handicap the race each week to give all racers from 70+ women to A men an equal chance at victory. We'll tweak the start order and start time intervals each week as needed. Best of all, Candi, says that you can wear your normal Blind Date race number, so no additional bibs or annoying number changes will be needed. We will award a Castelli Leaders' Jersey to each week's winner too!

2) Wear Your Leaders Jerseys: Any racer at our first race this year, who races in a prior year's Blind Date leader's jersey (which they won), will get a call up at Blind Date One.

3) Castelli Team Competition: Remember, the winning team, defined as the team with the best overall series finishers in our 12 adult categories, wins $1,000 cash from Castelli, PLUS 12 custom Castelli cyclocross skinsuits! The Stampede dash for cash counts as one of the categories! For each of our four junior series winners, Castelli is awarding $50 plus restaurant gift certificates! More details are below in our FAQ.

4) Castelli Hoodies: Many of you have emailed us inquiring about our $80 retail value, Castelli Blind Date Hoodies, which are included with Blind Date Season Passes. The OBRA online preregistration form is linked to our inventory, so as we run out of a given size, the OBRA online registration form will no longer display that size. For onsite season pass registration, Hoodies will be first come, first serve, in very limited quantities, so please sign up online!

5) Castelli Socks & Castelli Caps: The first five season pass registrants for each category get swagged by Castelli with Castelli socks and a Castelli cap. Blind Date's Castelli socks and caps are now spoken for in all categories except, Men's A, Stampede, Beginner Women and Junior Women. For Stampede, the value of the Castelli gear exceeds the $25 season pass price!

6) Scholorships: We will have a few full scholarships available for the Stampede each week. Feel free to apply in public forums! Full scholarship recipient's for our 9/10/14 Stampede are: Ron Strasser, Alice Pennington, Kelly Ryan, Miele Blomberg, Rich Desmond, Steven Hunter, Einer Traa, Barbara Thiele, Keelan Ontiveros, Brian Hart, Kent Johnson, Peter Drake & Zach Mikkelson.

7) FAQ

  • a. Preregistration Number and Castelli Hoodie (& socks and cap) pick up: Pick up is on the day of the race, at Alpenrose at the officials' booth inside the Velodrome.

  • b. Masters Ages: Our masters categories are age 35+ for B and C and 40+ for A. Our poster has a mistake and will be updated.

  • c. Stampede Price: The Stampede costs $5 per race.

  • d. Kiddie Cross: Price is free, parents must sign an OBRA waiver onsite. No registration is necessary for Kiddie Cross. Vanilla Bicycles will run Kiddie Cross this year!

  • e. Juniors: Juniors must be 10 years old to race as a junior and 12 years old to race with an adult field.

  • f. Call Ups: At Blind Date One this Wednesday, call ups will only be for racers who race in prior years' Blind Date leader's jerseys which they won. After week one, we will make call ups based on 2014 Blind Date results. Season Blind Date results will pour over into Cross Crusade call up calculations.

  • g. Castelli Team Competition: You do not need 12 racers to compete. You do not need to register to compete. We will automatically tabulate team results for OBRA registered teams based on the results in each category each week. At the end of the series, the team with the top results wins. We tabulate the top finisher in each category for each team. So if your team has ten A Men who finish 1st 10th, but no participants in other categories, it will score the same as a team of one who wins the beginner men's division. The Castelli Team competition is about diversity and developing racers in all categories.

  • h. Prize & Payout Pick Up: 21st Avenue Bicycles will award prizes three deep in each category (except Stampede) each week from their neutral support tent near the start area. Elite race payouts will be after Candi announces official results. The Stampede payout will be just after the finish. See Joe Field for payouts.

  • i. Leader's Jersey Pick Up: We hand out leader's jerseys at registration the following week, after series standings from the prior week are finalized.

  • j. Pre-Registration: Pre-registration closes each Tuesday at 5 pm.
    • 2014 DETAILS!

      1) Cross Crusade Call Up: Blind Date season standings count for call ups in the Cross Crusade!

      2) Castelli Hoodie with Season Pass: Sign up for a season pass and get a free custom Castelli Blind Date at the Dairy hoodie - an $80 retail value, so that's $4 per race!

      3) Castelli Swag with Season Pass: The first five to sign up online for a season pass in each category get a free pair of Castelli socks and a cycling cap - combined with the Castelli Hoodie, you buy the Castelli kit and get the races free or visa versa!

      4) $1,000 Team Prize plus Custom Skin Castelli Suits: Castelli is sponsoring a Blind Date team competition with $1,000 cash to the winning team plus 12 custom Castelli Blind Date cyclocross skin suits. The team competition will be awarded at the end of the season to the team with the most points scored by each team's top placing in each of our 12 adult categories each week - including beginners!


      5) Junior Season Prizes: Castelli is providing $100 gift certificates to 21st Avenue/Fat Tire Farm and $50 food gift certificates to each season winner in each of the four junior categories!

      6) Castelli Leader's Jerseys: Castelli is again providing leaders' jerseys in each category (to prevent sand bagging, no leader's jerseys for beginners).

      7) Weekly Prizes: 21st Ave. Bicycles/Fat Tire Farm will again provide weekly prizes for all categories each week!

      8) Neutral Support: 21st Ave. Bicycles/Fat Tire Farm will again provide neutral support each week!

      9) Updates: Over the next few days our facebook page and website will be updated with images of our Castelli Hoodies and Castelli leader's jerseys!

      Our sincerest thanks to 21st Avenue Bicycles/Fat Tire Farm, Castelli, Alpenrose, OBRA and all of you for making the Blind Date possible and so much fun. It's hard to believe that this is already our 6th season of Wednesday night madness. We hope you can join us for this year\s Blind Datism! -Joe & Tony




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2014 Leader's Jersey