Alpenrose Wednesday Night Cross Series Starting September 18th at 5pm
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10/7/2013: Week Five Menu

10/7/2013: Week Four Menu

10/1/2013: Week Three Menu

9/24/2013: blind date SEO5EP2 notes:

first off, thanks to everyone who came out and made the first week so rad! the series opener can be a little manic, but with all the pre reg and the army of help things went super smooth. we'd like to mention a few points of interest to prepare those that will be attending the second date:

* the parking lot is hella muddy! please tread lightly and remember you are in the backyard of a nice fellow named Carl. if you get stuck track me down and we'll get you out, and if anyone uses the lot for mud boggin' the dairy will pull the plug on us.

* there will be free oranges and bananas! it's gonna be the fruitiest blind date yet! sorry, i couldn't help myself.

* team tents are welcome, the designated tent area will be along the curb by registration.

* unfortunately, we can't offer a bike wash- none of the hose bibs are located in an area with proper runoff.

as always, be ready for a couple course changes, stay off the manicured areas, and respect that the dairy is a no alcohol venue.

with that out of the way, i'd like to mention that my thursday morning cleanup last week netted only a bar end plug and a speedvagen water bottle that had joe fields email address on it. i was so touched, i may have wept. it's clear all y'all appreciate this place as much as we do, so thank you.

fired up! -tony and joe

9/24/2013: Week Two Menu

9/17/2013: Week One Menu

9/15/2013: Rumors, Truths, Denials and Admissions

In response to your incessant queries:

1) We strongly deny that acquired the Blind Date at the Dairy and that broken-hearted singles from all over the country will overwhelm our races.

2) We strongly deny that Eric Tonkin parlayed millions of dollars of cyclocross winnings into his acquisition of the Tonkin car dealerships.

3) We strongly deny that Candy asked us to have each of you shout, "Hello Candy" on each lap when you cross the scorer's table.

4) We curiously admit that at $5 per race, the one lap, Blind Date Stampede is both the cheapest and most expensive bike race in OBRA. We further concede that we can't figure out if we should charge Stampede tandems $5 or $10 and whether we should charge Stampede unicyclists $2.50 or $5.

5) Finally, we adamantly admit that pre-registration for the Blind Date Season Series and for our first race, closes this Monday at midnight. We also admit that if you donlt pre-register, you will contribute to long lines at onsite registration and detract from everyone's chill.

Can't wait Wednesday!

Happy racing

9/13/2013: season 5 episode 1

blind date 2013 starts in less than a week! crazy. we've been hard at work planning our little exercise party and can't wait to get this season fired off proper. a few notes in convenient bullet point format:

-please pre register! with number and t-shirt pickup, the first night can be a complete circus. OBRA's seamless online registration system allows you to knock some change off your entry fee and get to warming up and goofing around that much sooner. the deadline for pre reg is the stroke of midnight on monday, so don't forget.

-21st avenue bicycles/fat tire farm will once again be providing their skilled technical services for racers, as well as distributing prizes and offering love advice. don't be afraid to swing by and ask about proper tire pressure, why your chain falls off when you remount, or talk about your feelings.

-castelli has gone and redesigned the leaders jersey, and dare i say it's the raddest one yet. it actually makes me want to "train", but i know that will make not winning one hurt that much more.

-fine dining will be offered by , who has been involved with blind date for many years and has a gift for creating delicious and compassionate dishes.

-the and will be running our hotly contested kids cross race, starting at 5pm. it's pretty much the cutest thing ever, and everybody wins!

-stumptown coffee will be supporting us once again with coffee primes, prizes, and the occasional cooler of their cold brew. yes.

and as always, please respect the dairy by not tromping around on the manicured fields or bringing any alcohol to the venue. they are incredibly gracious hosts, so lets be cool.

thanks! -tony and joe




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